“We diminish the essence of our humanity when we allow reckless money and gluttony to take precedence.” ~Sabrina “Bree / Brisa” Easley

This New Year, I plan on taking several moments to see myself, and to see others.  When I reflect consciously in the moment, and actually ‘see’ a person – seeing them beyond the physical – I can see each that person’s humanity.

I was first inspired by this phrase from the James Cameron movie, “Avatar”.  This statement intrigued me so much, I began research its meaning. After all, James always has a big picture lol.

“Sawubona” is a Zulu greeting and it means “I see you.”

“That’s our greeting. It’s not hello. It’s I still see you. And the importance of that is just that, acknowledging another human being’s existence. And oftentimes, I find that’s why we do the things we do in the world. It’s easier to do it when you don’t believe that those people exist in your world… [When] We don’t see each other as being people.” ~Trevor Noah

 “Freedom must be a mutual gift from one human being to another. Recognizing that if I limit one’s person’s freedom, I limit my own.” ~Orland Bishop, Founder and Director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation

When a person chooses to “see you”, they are making a voluntary choice to ‘see’ themselves and acknowledge their own inner greatness and magnificence, which is something that each of us has the capacity to recognize in another. When a person chooses to “see you”, they are making a choice to evolve past ignorance, to evolve past hate – and to see another’s humanity, light and love.

Many of us has been taught that only “a special one “or only one person can be elevated to the level of divinity.  However, each and every one of us has the power — we all have a choice — to increase the flow of positivity into the Universe.

This year, I look forward to us all taking many moments to see ourselves – to see one another. Then with this vision, each person will be inspired to change the hateful narratives instilled in our world centuries ago, because humans are so much better, we can be better and we will be better.

Together we will evolve past hate. Together We Are Great!!!

Happy New Year! Much Light, Happiness, Evolution and Love to You All!!

I  See You Artwork Freebie: