Frequently Asked Questions

General – Design & Development

With every personalized order, we provide 2-3 rounds of revisions. We work with each client until they are satisfied and approve a design for finalization or production.

Given the amount of time it can take to revise a design, be it changing the layout, searching for fonts or design elements, we no longer providing digital proofs for free.

However. we do offer the option to purchase a $5-$50 design proof which allows for the preview of a design before an order and for us to be compensated for our time.

This fee is non-refundable, but to-date all our clients have moved forward with a purchase.

Some designs are completed in minutes while others are completed in days. The time I put into each piece is reflected in its price.

A design that takes me less than 60 minutes to create will be much, much less than one that took me over 8 hours to complete.

Additionally, I don’t nickel and time my customer and clients, and I always give each project something extra. Each design, even a template design, will be unique to each customer/client. I will usually add some little details or I may inject a whole new twist.

Ultimately, my primary objective is to produce a design that is worth of every cent of your money.

Stencils – Reusable Silk Screen, Reusable Vinyl, Decals and One Use

Depending on the product, materials used and the user’s skill set, one coat of glass etching cream make be all that is necessary or perhaps two coats may be needed. Or perhaps the dry method works better than the wet method, or maybe a different paint works better.

We provide free PDF instructions for using glass etching cream and paint, which provides a good foundation for the process.

However, we strongly suggest practicing and discover what works best for all the variables of a project.

Silk screens stencils are created using a mesh which is covered on photo emulsion film. These stencil do not require bridges and can be created using almost any font or artwork. Once the image has been developed on the screen, it can be used repeatedly. They can be used for glass etching, painting glass or wood, and of course silk screening fabric. Silk screens are not adhesive and must be taped to the glass. Therefore they must lie flat on a product and not have an areas that bulk up.

One use adhesive stencil is typically made using 3 mil vinyl which is held together and applied using transfer tape. Since here are free-flowing parts, or parts that are not attached, once the stencil is used one, can’t be used again.

Reusable vinyl stencil is made using 5-10 mil vinyl and is created using a design with bridges or breaks ~OR~ a stencil font which as bridges developed within it’s structure.

Glass etching cream is a consumer based acid that removes the top coat of a glass product to create an etching of a design.

Some products like Pyrex cookware, wine bottles and some mason jars have a very thick top coat which prevent the acid from creating an etching — the coating is too thick for the cream to impact it. Before making a large quantity purchase, we strongly suggest you beta test etching a product to make sure the top coat is not too thick.

Most standard drinkware glasses found in retail stores and online shops have a light top coat which is suitable for glass etching. However, we strongly suggest conducting beta tests with the product(s) you intend on using.

You can provide your own artwork, be it a logo or custom design. Upon submission of a custom order request, we will review your artwork and let you if we can create it as a standard or premium stencil. Submitted artwork must be in vector format — EPS, SVG, AI or a vector-based PDF.

We have personally used and tested one premium stencil 20 times and the stencil was still intact. The manufacturer of the photo emulsion film says it can be used over 100+ times and I believe it to be true as long as you take care of the stencil. Additionally several clients informed us they were able to etch 100+ glasses using 2 stencils.

For glass etching, if you will be processing a small batch of products of 50 or less, one stencil is all you will need. However, if you will be working with 50 or more items and depending on your time frame, you may want to purchase one stencil for every 75-100 products, to decrease your overall production time.

For painting, if are working with acrylic enamel paint, we suggest you purchase 2 stencils for every 50 products.

With every order, we provide free instructions in PDF format for 1) using a silk screen stencil with glass etching cream (Armour Etch or Etch All Glass Etching Cream) and 2) using a silk screen stencil with paint.

Additionally we have an sample application video on YouTube:

You can have one of our graphic designers design your stencil or you can use our online designer tool to develop your design. You can visit our portal using the following link:

Design Your Stencil with Bree

No matter which design process is used, a design proof will be sent for review and approval for production.

The production process for the development of a reusable silk screen stencil is more involved than a die-cut stencil. Our pricing for our stencils includes the time for the proof/design creation, materials, labor and our creativity. Additionally, we include a pro-rated fee for our usage of electricity and water.