Custom Geofilter – $20

With this purchase, you will receive one 1080 px by 2340 px PNG file that meets Snapchat Geofilter’s guidelines. This file is can be submitted to Snapchat for your event / special day. SnapChat’s price for a geofilter starts at $5 and is determined by how many hours you want the filter to run and how large the area is that you want it to run within.

This purchase is for a custom geofilter transparent PNG file and does not include the Snapchat submission fee or submission services.

You will receive a PDF with instructions on how to upload and submit your geofilter.

There are three rounds for revisions included with this purchase. Revisions, if any will be completed within one hour or less.Client can use 929-333-5694 to provide instructions and/or feefback.

Rush turnaround – 4 hours | Client has received approval for rush from Bree of Breeful Mélange